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Warm baths are great fun, so some people usually prefer to take a warm bath instead of cold water. Did you know that a cold shower has many health benefits compared with a warm bath.

Bathing with cold water is helpful to help improve metabolism, prevent post-workout muscle injury and regulate uric acid levels in your body. Another benefit of the cold shower as quoted Healthmeup is the following:

1. Improving Male Fertility: Hot water bath can potentially cause unfavorable effects to your testicles, where the number of sperm produced can potentially decrease. Cold water bath will help in maintaining health, even increase male fertility will be very good for those of you who are in the program to have a child.

2. Improves blood circulation and helps the detoxification process: When the skin meets with cold water, the blood vessels beneath the skin surface will contract. This will cause a decrease in blood circulation. At the same time, the blood pressure mechanism will automatically destroy and target the network. This causes the blood to circulate with a larger boost which will affect the strengthening of blood flow in improving circulation.

3. Beneficial for immune: Bathing water will increase metabolism, increase body heat and revive the immune system by releasing white blood cells. As we know, white blood cells are "troops" that guard the fortress of the body from the onslaught of sickness.

4. Increase metabolism: This mechanism is almost the same as when a person feels cold, usually they will wear a blanket or a jacket to warm the body. When your body is watered cold water, the body will try to stabilize the temperature by generating heat, which makes the body's metabolism increases rapidly. This increased metabolism will burn carbohydrates and fats so you will feel warm.

5. Protect from Injury: When a person does physical activity, the muscles will become inflamed and will take time to relax again. To increase strength and muscle mass, the fibers in your muscles will grow and contract. Excessive physical activity can cause muscle fibers to rupture. As a precaution it is advisable to take a bath with cold water.

6. Reduce Pain and Improve Kidney Function: Cold bath can reduce chronic pain, reduce body aches, improve hair health, kidney function, reduce swelling and regulate autonomic nervous system.

7. Improving the rhythm of the body: Cold water can deepen your breathing and help fight fatigue. Even if you have trouble sleeping, cold shower is believed to make sleep become more soundly.

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