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If you are a horror movie addict, chances are that you have heard about The Haunting of The Hill House – a film of haunted stories and intimate family relationship. Download Netflix at Hd movie app and enjoy this movie now. Don’t faint!

After Stranger Things that was launched in 2016, Netflix continues to introduce the best-selling horror movie of 2018, titled 'The Haunting of the Hill' by the director Mike Flanagan. 

Plot of the film

The Haunting of Hill house is the story of the Crain family: the husband Hugh Crain, the wife Olivia, and five children. 

They came to live in the Hill House for the purpose of upgrading the house for sale, hoping for a better life. As a designer, Olivia always thought that the house was like a living body in which the walls were bones, water pipes were blood vessels and so on.

That imagination was like an ominous sign for the Crain family. The nightmare came to them from the ghosts that the children saw, and the madness led to the death of the mother. After all, the father was forced to bring the children out of the house in their panic.

Here, the audience might think that the ghosts already passed the Crain family when each child grew up and settled down in other places. However, The Haunting of Hill house shows that leaving was not a solution to escape from the past ghosts clinging to the fate of the characters. More information is available at Movie streaming app


The plot seems to be simple, but more than a horror movie, Hill House is an intriguing family story with full of evils. Normally, a horror film often starts from the appearance of ghosts, then members in a family will fight and beat them. But, that was not the case of The Haunting of Hill House. The movie starts like other horror films, and by the end of the drama things start to reveal gradually. The story becomes much deeper, giving the viewers a chance to experience every emotion. Are ghosts so real or do they just come from the children’s fear of loneliness and unsuccessful expectations? Just enjoy yourself and answer yourself.

In addition, The Haunting of The Hill House has a good cast. Its cast is considered as the most successful. Natural and touching acting always makes everyone engaged.

The Haunting of Hill House has beautiful background – a large house with classic style, sculptures and wonderful decorative paintings. The statues and long corridors in the house make it look like a castle. The house is a fascinating mystery to the children who have just set foot in, and also the place to pull them down the horror.

In conclusion, The Haunting of The Hill House is a must-watch movie on Netflix in 2018. Sign up Netflix and enjoy it for one-month free trial! Just download it from free movie app on android

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