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Only 15 minutes per day is enough to give your brain a work out. Let's find out and get all top Android puzzles game for your for adults and kids

Nowadays, advanced technology plays a significant role in changing the daily habit of human beings. Instead of spending money on costly games, people have a chance to enjoy them at no costs thanks to a smartphone with internet connection. Sometimes, a huge range of games out there make people confused, and they are not sure which does not make them waste time. Here we will give you the handpicked recommendation of the best puzzle games on Android. You don’t need to worry about wasting time anymore because all are amazing. Let

Triple Town

Triple Town is an amazing game that is easy to get started and hard to put down.

Participating in Triple Town, you endeavour to build a city as large as possible. The greater the city you grow, the more coins you achieve. You construct your city by matching at least three pieces of the same elements such as three grass into a bush, three brushes in a tree, etc until you fill up your board with houses, palaces and churches. En route, you'll need to eliminate huge bears that try to clock your progress.

The game is at no costs, however, it offers some in-app purchases. One of the most striking features is unlimited turns. After for a while, you will be out of turns and have to wait over time to be refreshed. Also, you can use the free coins you have earned to buy more turns. Or, in case you don’t want to be interrupted, you can spend a small budget on buying “unlimited turns”. Only pay one-time fee but play anytime you like.

Triple Town is compatible with many Android gadgets, so just pick up and play at once. 

Tips and tricks

To become a master of Triple Town, you should keep these following tips in mind.

-       Remember all triple combinations. To be detailed, 3 trees into 1 hut, 3 huts into 1 house, 3 houses into 1 mansion, 3 mansions into 1 castle, 3 castles into 1 floating mansion, and 4 floating mansions into a triple castle. If you don’t know these matches, you won’t have a clue how to match to gain the highest level of the hierarchy. Note that you needn’t stick to number 3 but it can 4 or more same items combined to each other for more flying results.

-       Try to trap giant bears: As mentioned, these irritable Grizzlies will be obstacles on your way, therefore, what you should do is close up all their exits. The reward is such a fortune, including 1 bear into a tombstone, 3 bears into a cathedral, 3 cathedrals into a small treasure chest, 3 small treasure chests into a large treasure chest. Just play, and every effort will be rewarded.

-       Use diamonds and other rewards smartly: The “Store House” feature allows users to store advanced objects to use if necessary. Don’t rush to use them, but seriously take into consideration because if you use diamonds inappropriately, they will be turned into rocks and become obstacles on your grid.
-       Ideal position: After playing for a while, players may confront the issue of just having the capacity to grow cathedrals and houses, and nothing greater. To evade this, observe the arrangement of your things. Attempt to manufacture higher things like mansions at the edges of the city, instead of in the heart of the Town. Leave the space to consider more valuable matches.


At a first glance, many people may feel boring because it is like an endless number-matching game. Nonetheless, according to Pocket Tactics, it is the kind of game that compels you to spend the next two hours playing. Such a highly addictive puzzler!
In Three!, all you need to do is swipe the screen to move cards left, right, up and down. When two cards have the same number, they merge into one. In every swipe, a card with a random number will appear.
User-friendly interface with a lot of beautiful colours and endearing graphics will attract anyone. Time to sit down, plug in your earphone and enjoy amazing soundtrack.
This app is completely ad-free, so feel free to enjoy it. 
More information is available at

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips for those who want to master these tricky math elements.

-       Deal with corners: The most effective method to earn the highest score in this game is working the corner, which means that you try to achieve high-scoring cards in one corner (right or left, up or down) and then move other cards towards that direction.
-       Do not let too many new cards appear: Throughout the game, do not allow too many new boxes to appear on your stage, but focus on clearing out as neat as possible.
-       Give priority to the cards with smaller value: For example, if you see a row with number 1, 12, 48, you should give preference to number 1 as it becomes a major obstacle after the value of cells 12 and 48 increases up.
-       Keep calm and visionary: Always keep yourself calm, even with the unexpected appearance of a new card at the location you do not want. Also, try to pre-calculate 2 or 3 steps in every swipe, and and you will make the “arena” easier than ever.

Final line…

If you are spending all your free time on surfing the Internet and checking news about your idols, this habit should be changed because it seems to be not good. Why not give your brain a workout in every single day within 15 minutes with Triple Town or Three!. Both are free for users. Make use of your time, and don’t forget to visit our store for more fantastic games for your Android. Visit our store - a library of apk files for Android - download free at Top1apk to download these games.