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by Keenan Rik - Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 9:45 PM
Anyone in the world

 are at their peak at this time. Millions of people are playing them on a daily basis. Some genres of online browser games are more popular than others. Every one of us has a different personality and as such, a different gaming interest. 

MMOs are also action games

Action games are packed full of momentum. You won’t get a chance to take a breath because you’ll be assaulted from all sides! Most action games involve war zones or large scale battles of some form or other. 
If you’re the kind of person that likes a fast paced, action game, then this is the genre for you! 
Adventure games focus more on character development and building up a story. You’ll still get to fight bad guys and monsters in the majority of these games. The major difference is that an adventure game tends to have a lot of dialogue and multiple main characters. 
If you prefer a slower game where you can get to know all the characters in your party, an adventure game may be up your alley.

Got to get to the finish line first!

This genre speaks for itself. The games you’ll find here involve driving around in luxurious sports cars, formula racers, and monster trucks! If racing is in your blood, then look no further than here! (But finish reading anyway in case you like more than one genre!) 
Animal games tend to leave you looking after a pet, or even a whole farm. You get to groom, feed, water, and care for your chosen animal. Trust me; there’s a game for just about every animal you could think of by now.
There’s very little action in these games, but if you like taking it slow and watching your animal get happier with you every day, then go for it!
The art genre involves painting, decorating, and so on. There are games where you’ll get a picture that you can color in however you want. Other games let you design a house or room from the ground, up! 
Anyone who’s into the art of any kind should be able to find a game here that they’ll like.

FreeCell is just one of many online card games

Card games are my personal favorite. There are so many different online games to play that involve cards. The most popular kind involve Solitaire, FreeCell, Uno, and so on. 
There are also card battle games where you have a deck of warriors and take turns placing them on the battlefield. There’s no end to the creative card style games out there. If you enjoy strategy and turn-based card games, this one  of  free online games no download for mac where you want to take a try.
Do you love playing football, basketball, and other sports online? The sports genre allows you to play these sports games online with other people around the world! 
Yes, you may prefer to play these sports in real life, but the online style of these games is very addictive and surprisingly realistic at times. 
There are also crazy sports games where rules are mixed up or completely made up by the developer. These games are more for a laugh than a competition. 
In any case, if you enjoy online sports games, then you’ve found your home. 
I love puzzles. Who still remembers minesweeper? That’s a puzzle game! There are tons of them from Sudoku to 2048. All of these games involve using your mind to work out the patterns of the game and exploit them.
If you love to think and work out puzzles of any kind, then you should definitely look into the puzzle genre! 

One of my favorite tower defense games

Strategy games are exactly what they sound like. Instead of being a fast-paced action game, these games give you time to strategize and plan out exactly what you’re going to do.
They tend to be incredibly difficult to master. A single mistake can often cost you the entire game, forcing you to restart and adjust your entire strategy all over again. 
Tower defense games are my favorite from this genre. If any of this sounds appealing to you, you should give it a go! 
Skill games involve using your mind and experiences to surpass other competitors. There are memory games, spelling and writing tests, etc. All of these games involve using real-life skills that you should have learned and putting them to the test! They’re even a good way to improve these skills as you play them.
If you like to test your skills and abilities, give this genre a try.
Simulation games aim to recreate a real-life situation in a computer-generated environment. You can perform surgery, run a restaurant, and many other things that people do in reality. While it is meant to be like real-life, the controls of the simulation are quite difficult, providing an extra layer of difficulty to the game. 
If you like a challenge and a laugh, simulator games are the way to go. 

Shoot or be shot!


Shooting games speak for themselves too. Most of these involve teaming up with a few people against some other people and shooting them while trying not to get shot. The games are simple enough, but a lot of strategy and aim has to be put into it if you plan on winning! 

Girl games are obvious. You’ve got your makeup games, your dress-up games, and so on. Anything that is considered an entirely girly thing to do has a game of its own in this genre.
If you’re interested in these sorts of things, whether you’re a girl or a guy, feel free to give them a go. 
Which Genres Did You Like
Remember, you can pick more than one! Online games for PC are so diverse that you’re bound to enjoy two or three different genres, if not more. Enjoy your online browser game experience! If you want to experience more amazing games, let’s check out our amazing games site and enjoy more wonderful online games on pc at Manti Games.
We’ve put a list of online browser game genres together and given a simple description for each. By the time you’ve finished reading, you should have an idea of which genres suit you best. Take a look!

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