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Regarded as one of the intelligent breeds, Labradors are capable of learning different tricks quick and easily. They are playful and energetic and have intense desire to please one's master. They are easygoing with children and other pets and need a lot of exercise to lose the excessive energy in them. These all characters with the combination of perfect Labrador retriever dog training will benefit you with the most obedient and well behaved dog. I am going to explain 3 most useful tips that will be helpful for this.

labrador retriever training

1. Training at early age

Labrador retriever dog training can go well only when the training is started at the early age. Why early age? The reason is- Even a child who is taught good habits from the early period turn out to be the better man in the future whereas if the same child is being try to taught good things later when he/she had already picked up many bad habits, it is almost impossible. So, the first and foremost thing is training from the day when you bring it home.

2. Consistency and patience

Even a new born child takes months to speak and years to walk; it took even more years to instill positive things into their minds. The fruit of hard work is always sweet and good things in life takes time. So, never be frustrated and upset in the process of Labrador retriever training. Work with patience and consistency. Train the same command each day and repeat until it has finally learnt. Keep some patience and see the progress that has happened with your constant effort and persistence.

3. Positive reinforcement

The good thing about positive reinforcement is that you don't need to do anything that can go against the grain. It doesn't require any harsh and punitive measures. All you have to do is ignore your Labrador's behavior that you don't wish to see repeatedly. By ignoring, your dog will be miserable and won't repeat such things. Another thing you need to do is to provide rewards and treats each time your Labrador finishes the task or the commands given correctly. Rewards will work positively and such things are remembered forever by your dog. So, reward based approach has been quite successful than other approaches.