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by Adrian Moqadam - Monday, 21 January 2019, 1:34 AM
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YashaMachine is the first and largest specialized lift rental company in Iran. We are ready to provide lift rental services in Tehran and other parts of the country with utilizing the most modern lifting equipment.Our experts are ready to give advice on choosing the right lift for our valued customers and in the shortest time possible we provide the lift according your needs, which is one of the safest and most specialized lift equipments in the country.KandokavMachine lifting equipments give you access to further and higher in workplaces to pass the obstacles. It gives you more mobility and easier maintenance to the higher workplace for loading capacity and people. Wide platform lift gives you access to locations with difficult access. For choosing appropriate lift equipment features such as capacity, safety, work environment, lifting mechanism and cost of the device is important. Haulotte lift equipment in particular is for lifiting people and equipments and it’s not for lifting cargo These lifts are made in in two general categories of diesel and electric. Diesel lifts are suitable for open space, such as the shipbuilding yards, roads and buildings construction, repair sites, airports, factories and refineries.Electric lifts are applicable in roofed spaces and working inside the workshop, warehouse and close environments.

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