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by Hydro Xtreme - Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 9:04 AM
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This is one more usual question I get. To be honest, If I were you and you had DEFINITELY no experience with penile enlargement (whether it be extenders, exercises, whatever), I would certainly say for the initial couple of weeks you should utilize the Bathmate Hydro pump Xtreme with no erection at all. After those 3 weeks have actually passed, I would certainly then progress to using it with a partial erection, so somewhere in the range of 50-- 70% yet no greater. visit

Throughout the very first month, I would certainly claim you should just utilize it for about 10-- 15 min., max see at After the first month, I would certainly suggest you make use of a complete erection due to the fact that it functions ACTUALLY well when you have a full erection. That's generally when you obtain the complete stress around the veins, and also because of this you start to see outcomes a lot quicker

Can I Utilize It If I'm Uncircumcised?

Yes. While I am not uncircumcised, I've done a lot of research study on it and also I have actually read strings on numerous individuals that are uncircumcised and utilized the Bathmate effectively.

Should I Get The Bathmate Or Just Do Workouts?

Personally speaking on, I would certainly integrate the Bathmate Xtreme with workouts for a variety of reasons. If you do jelqing and extending and make use of the Bathmate AFTERWARDS (only about 10 mins) you will definitely see much better results. Additionally, due to the fact that the Bathmate has a focus on aiding with girth gains more after that length gains, I assume it's pretty required to jelq to help you obtain the size gains you're looking for

One current workout routine I found gives EXCELLENT gains is the following:

1.) Pump with the Bathmate for 5 minutes.

2.) Massage therapy/ Jelq for a few min.

3.) Repeat the process 3 times (a total amount of 15 min. of pumping, 20 min. approximately total for the whole workout).

You would certainly do this every day that you utilize the Bathmate, and only remove on doing the workouts on the days you don't pump.

Once more, you can probably do alright with simply getting the Bathmate itself, but I extremely recommend the use of workouts as well to obtain the most significant value.

Should I Purchase All of The Accessories With The Bathmate or Just The Pump?

This is completely up to your personal choice. I used mine in the bath tub, so I really did not see the requirement to have a shower strap, cleansing towel (I have my own towels), lubricating substance (can simply make use of vaseline), or bring instance (I don't plan on bringing this to my parents residence for the weekend ??

Just visit this page

That being stated, if you do not have a tub than I would certainly advise that you at LEAST order the shower band to accompany it.

Where Ought to I Get It

You'll find the Bathmate Xtreme offered on a variety of different stores, including Ebay, Amazon, and also even in some neighborhood shops. My suggestions is that if you are thinking about on buying it, that you acquire straight from the producer at There's alot of fake variations of the Bathmate available, as well as when I originally examined out the initial version of it they were essentially the only ones.

Currently, due in part to abroad counterfeiting, there are countless phony variations drifting about on the internet. They primarily repackage a comparable looking tool in a fancy box, call it a bathmate, and afterwards offer it for economical. The major trouble with this is that much of these phony variations are made of affordable material, as well as either break very quickly or start to leakage.

By break I indicate that the rubber portion on the bottom (referred to as the gaiter), will actually fall off. Without the gaiter there is no suction, and also without suction, you will not see any type of outcomes. One more trouble with getting a Bathmate (or fake Bathmate) is that the customer care that you'll obtain from the firm you buy it from will actually be non current. They have no legal boundaries in nations like Thailand, China, and others that supply any kind of type of consumer refunds or cancellations, and also in a lot of cases they wont even return your e-mails.

The ones you'll find on are commonly sold by individuals that used it in the past and are just looking to remove it. I do not find out about you, yet I would certainly find it quite revolting to be sticking my thing in one more Bathmate Xtreme that someone else was using haha.


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Anyone in the world

Speaking of things stuffed into tight spots, the box containing the HydroMax X-Series penis pump was chalk full of . . . nothing but the bare essentials. We kind of liked that. Enough with the overselling and oversupplying already! We have more “free samples” than we know what to do with. Inside the box was just the following items; no more, no less:

The HydroMax X-Series penis pump (in the size and color of your choosing).
A removable soft-touch comfort pad.
A brand flyer advertising the other products in their lineup.
A simple instruction manual for bath and/or shower use.

How It Measures Up

Compared to other penis pumps which use water pressure to stimulate cellular growth, the HydroMax is rather standard, although the quality of the manufacturing is definitely higher than what we’re used to. It is durable and rigid in construction, providing a strong and sturdy shield around your junk. The comfort pads are legit as well and, when used correctly, offer a tighter seal against the body which further increases the power of the suction.

Compared to the other penis pumps in the HydroMax lineup, the X-Series pales in comparison to the Xtreme series. However, the promise to deliver as much as 35% more suction power than the original BathMate series was certainly kept. If you were scared of the BathMate, stay far away from this sucky bitch. (We mean that in the best way possible.)